Hospitals are really struggling right now and honestly, they've been struggling for the past 2 years. All health care workers deserve much more than we can give them, but here's something we can give them as a thank you: gratitude cards and artwork. A Rochester, Minnesota group called Caring Acts of Kindness Everywhere (CAKE) is currently collecting these gratitude cards and artwork to distribute soon.

This isn't the first time CAKE has collected gratitude cards. The first round of cards was distributed to a COVID testing site in Rochester according to a post shared on CAKE's Facebook page. They said "there were tears of gratitude" for these cards and the artwork that was gifted.

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The next round will be going to Olmsted Medical Center. If you'd like to show your appreciation for everything the employees at OMC are doing for you and me, write a nice letter, make a card, paint something, anything that will show them that they're appreciated. Here are some ideas from past artwork and cards.

Gratitude cards and artwork need to be dropped off at Thai Pop in downtown Rochester by Sunday, January 16th, so this coming Sunday. That means you only have a few days to complete your project!

If you aren't able to contribute to this round of gratitude cards there will be others. Next on their list are long-term care facilities in the area and local teachers and staff. So be on the lookout for when those will be taking place.

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