One minute you're taking photos of Jefferson Airplane at Down By The Riverside, and the next... your picture lands in Rolling Stone magazine!

That's exactly what happened to one of my favorite photographers in Rochester.

If you've been to just about any rock show in the area (especially within the last year or so), you'll notice that Rochester local Kate Klaus is one of the only people there not dancing or drinking and wearing an A Perfect Circle beanie. She's not moving around too much (or drinking) because she's photographing the show.

Capturing rock shows on film is one of her favorite things to do. That's why she watched and photographed Jefferson Airplane when they were in town a few months ago. Then, she was hit with a surprise.

Who knew they'd pick up on her amazingness so quickly!?

The article that uses Kate's photo doesn't necessarily mention Down By The Riverside specifically, but it does go over the legacy of Jefferson Airplane. Moreover, it details David Freiberg's plans for keeping the band alive.

We never think that a national company or media outlet like Rolling Stone is paying attention to Rochester much, but they are! Congratulations Kate!

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