Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson recently announced plans to retire next spring and spent some time reminiscing about his long career with the local police department during his regular monthly appearance on KROC-AM during the Rochester Today show with Andy Brownell and James Rabe.

Chief Peterson joined the Rochester Police Department as a regular patrol officer in 1981 and was later promoted to the investigative unit before becoming Police Chief in 1998. He has seen a lot of changes in the law-enforcement profession over the past 35+ years, including the introduction of DNA testing and the ever-growing role of computers and other high-tech tools in solving crimes.

The chief has also been witness to his fair share of bizarre, and sometimes comical behavior by criminal suspects. James Rabe likes to feature stories about such behavior on his “Rabies Shots” segment, focusing on what he terms “doughheads in the news,” which led to a question for the Chief about his favorite “doughhead." Watch the YouTube video at the top of this post for the Police Chief’s hilarious response.

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