Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A long-awaited expansion of public transit service in Rochester will be launched this weekend.

Rochester Public Transit, the operator of the city’s public transit system, will begin offering fixed route service on Sundays and holidays starting July 1st. The new Sunday and holiday buses will operate on the current Saturday routes from 7 AM through 7 PM. Riders with disabilities eligible to use the ZIPS paratransit service will also be able to schedule transportation on Sundays and holidays.

“Expanded weekend service, including Sundays and holidays, was a common request that the public shared with us during our public listening sessions last fall.” said RPT Transit Planner Bryan Law.

In addition, Rochester Public Transit will be implementing a systemwide peak service expansion that will add new trips that leave the downtown area after 6 PM. There also be new trips added to the schedule on most routes with arrivals to the downtown before 6 AM.

The expanded service is part of the new five-year public transit plan that was approved by the Rochester City Council in May.

Rochester Public Transit is urging all of its customers to pick up a new schedule. The company says the timetables for all routes have been reviewed and many have been adjusted. You can find the updated timetables at the Rochester Public Transit website and on all buses and the downtown transfer station on Wednesday.


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