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On Broadway, in Downtown Rochester, there's a big brick Salvation Army Building. In there is the Good Samaritan Clinic and if you're a dentist, they need your help!

The Good Samaritan Clinic helps people that need medical or dental help right away, but don't have insurance. According to the Salvation Army...

Dental and medical clinic for persons without private dental insurance-provides urgent care; dental exams, x-rays. The clinic is for person without medical assistance or health insurance and have a health concern; smoking cessation clinic also available.


You remember the Red Kettle Drive that just finished up in December? Well, that money is what funds the Rochester Salvation Army programs, including the clinic. And has for over 20 years.

If you're a dentist, they sure could use your help. The clinic is run by volunteers and the dentists with the most time to volunteer have been older DDS's and so are more at risk for Covid-19.

And Covid-19 is the reason they need volunteers. Many people in the 507 will have suffered financial hardships during the pandemic so demand has increased at the dental clinic, and according to an interview, by Megan Zemple on KTTC, Tricia Karppi, the director of the clinic says the waiting list just keeps growing, while the number of clinic days has dropped thanks to a lack of available dentists.

Dentists interested in volunteering their services would work a three-hour shift and see about 10 patients. Volunteer hours can go toward education credits which are required to maintain their license.


Click here to email Tricia Karppi (Tricia.Karppi@usc.SalvationArmy.orgto volunteer your time (or just to find out more).

We're a great community, and I'm certain once area dentists know of the need, they will step up. Over and over again we've seen this happen in SE Minnesota.

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