Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The online school that was launched by the Rochester School District during the pandemic will soon have a new name.

The principal of what is currently known as RPS Online says the new name of the remote learning school is MNSync Online.

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“The goal of the name change is to engage in a more comprehensive and statewide marketing effort to raise awareness of and enrollment in our unique, synchronous-first, K-12 online learning community,” said MNSync Online Principal Brandon Macrafic. “‘RPS Online,’ while meaningful in and around Rochester, does not carry the same weight or meaning statewide. We know more now about who we are as a learning community. We want to build a lasting profile that appeals to students and families searching for the best online learning community in Minnesota. We believe this starts with a new name!”

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Macafic says the name change process began in December during initial discussions with Rochester Public Schools Superintendent Kent Pekel. He says that led to the convening of an eight person steering committee that included teachers, students, and other district employees.

Kim David TSM
Kim David TSM

A news release indicates the group came up with a list of preliminary names and then sought out feedback from the school community. The process led to a consensus reached last month that MNSync Online was the favorite.

The new name will go into effect at the beginning of the next school year.

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