The regular feature on Rochester's history during the Rochester Today show on KROC-AM was broadcast Monday morning a couple hours before officials from the city, Mayo Clinic, and the Destination Medical Center Corporation Board held a news conference to announce a purchase agreement had been reached with the owner of the Chateau Theater.

It provided a timely opportunity to discuss possible future uses of the historic building in downtown Rochester with a man who has been active in efforts to save the Chateau from the wrecking ball for over 35 years. John Kruesel joined Alan Calavano and Andy Brownell in the KROC-AM studio and announced that he and Kevin Lund have produced 1000 copies of a button that was originally distributed in Rochester in 1979 after the movie theater closed and it was feared the building would be demolished.

Kruesel and Lund plan to give the buttons to people willing to pledge their support for a push to return the Chateau Theater to it's original purpose, which was a gathering space for people to enjoy theatrical, musical and other artistic performances.

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