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Did you give these flowers to an employee at Rochester's Trader Joe's? Because if you did, she wants to thank you...again!

On Spotted in Rochester, Sarah Ernst posted about what seems to be a pure Random Act of Kindness...

Hey! I’m employed at Trader Joe’s and while I was working register today, a customer bought some flowers for me ❤️ He was so kind! Sadly, I forgot to ask what his name was. Chances are he probably won’t see this post but if he happens to be in this Facebook group, I wanted to say THANK YOU again! You made my day! Even though 2020 has been a hard year for everyone, please remember to be kind to one another.

These are the kinds of things that make me love living in Rochester, Minnesota. It's been a heck of a year, and even in the waning days, when we're all tired, worn out, and maybe even a little crabby, someone steps forward and brightens someone's day.

So, whoever you are...thank you for being one of of Rochester's special kind of citizen. There are a lot of you out there, and every time you help someone feel better and brighter, you're helping all of us feel like we're not living in a city, but in a town where we care about each other.

Sarah Ernst
Sarah Ernst
loading... HERE to let her know who you are (if you're comfortable with that). 

Also also, while you're on the Facebooks, check out Rochester, My Home, an organization focused on producing, assisting, and promoting inclusive community events, organizations, groups, and individuals.

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