By now you've heard that on Saturday evening, due to a large number of fights, Valleyfair closed early. What you may not know, is that two families from Rochester were caught up in the evacuation too.

I browsed Facebook that night noticing pictures and videos from the event. According to two women from Rochester, this is how their night at Valleyfair flowed.

Rochester local Heather Blanchard also added in a Facebook post, "That was the scariest experience I’ve ever had. I felt like I was watching a riot unfold. [...] Thank you to the police and first responders who did their best to get us out of the parking lot safely."

Thankfully, both families did leave Valleyfair's parking lot safely and no one was harmed. Shakopee police posted their account of the evening as well, on Facebook.

No other reports are available at this time.

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