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Have you ever gotten a text message from a friend or co-worker that went something like, "OMG, You've GOT to see what I found on Google!".  Consider this to be one of those text messages!

One of my genius co-workers was perusing Google Maps for a project this morning and he sent a note out letting us know that he found a hidden message hiding in Rochester.  Of course, I had to look for myself...and then of course had to tell you about it.  #BecauseItIsAwesome

Hidden in plain sight on a grassy area in the middle of town is the word "PEACE".  And, it's pretty fitting where this Google Maps Secret is located.  Go ahead, take a look for yourself and see if you can find the secret message in the first photo.

Credit: Google

I know, it is tough to see so I'll go ahead and make it a little bit bigger for you so you can see it clearly.

Credit: Google

Amazing, right!?  And I think it is pretty fitting that this secret word was found at Assissi Heights.

This isn't the first time Google has played it's Google Map magic in Rochester. My partner in crime on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show, James Rabe, wrote a story recently about what Google decided to hide in downtown Rochester.  He has a theory that a celebrity was in town and that is what is behind the blur.  No idea if that rumor is the truth but you can see that story here.

Have you ever found anything "unusual" on Google Maps?  Please, I'd love to hear about it.  Let me know what you found on Facebook, Instagrame-mail...there are so many ways to find me.

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