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La Crosse, WI (KROC AM News) - There has been a sudden turnaround in the dry spell that settled over southeast Minnesota last month.

Rochester’s official rainfall Thursday was .65 inches - almost as much as the total from all of April (.81).

It was also the most precipitation in a 24-hour period since mid-March.

A weather system that has included storms and much-needed rain moved into the region earlier this week and may linger a few more days. It has already produced more than an inch of rain in the Rochester area, helping ease the drought conditions that have been building in recent weeks.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service


The National Weather Service says from May 11 to May 18, most areas in northeast Iowa, southeast Minnesota, and western Wisconsin received less than a quarter of an inch of rain. This has left most of the area in a moderate drought.

The NWS says from April 1 through May 19, Rochester received 1.79 inches, nearly 4 inches below normal. This was the second driest start to a growing season. The only year which was drier was 2007 (1.31 inches).

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