For the second straight winter, Rochester Public Utilities is advising its customers to closely monitor the temperature of their tap water.

The advisory indicates RPU has been hearing from customers who have experienced frozen water service because of the recent cold weather. The utility is urging everyone to check the temperature of their water and to run a pencil-thin stream of water from a faucet if it drops below 40-degrees. The advisory recommends keeping the stream flowing, if needed, and continue monitoring the water temperature for the next two months.

Last winter, RPU issued an identical advisory after the frost reached six-feet deep into the ground in some areas, but this year the Minnesota Department of Transportation has measured the frost depth at less than four feet. Still, officials note the $40-$50 cost of running a faucet is far cheaper than the $800-$1000 cost of repairing a frozen water line.

If you are running your faucet to avoid a freeze up, you are asked to contact RPU at 507.280.1500.