St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News)- An effort to legalize sports betting in Minnesota is once again underway at the State Capitol. 

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A bipartisan effort to align Minnesota with 36 states that offer sports betting in some capacity was left undone when lawmakers gaveled out of session last year. A 2018 Supreme Court ruling struck down a federal ban on sports betting and paved the way for states to legalize it. 


Winona Republican Senator Jeremy Miller announced  his intention Tuesday to introduce the Minnesota Sports Betting Act. The bill would allow the state's 11 tribes, two horse racing tracks and pro sports teams to accept wagers at their properties. 

Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus
Sen. Jeremy Miller. Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus

The legislation would also allow tribes to obtain a primary mobile license to facilitate sports betting or a partnership license for mobile sports betting. Miller’s proposal evenly divides the revenue raised from sports wagering into four categories.

  • 25% for tax relief for charities
  •  25% for mental health and problem gambling support
  •  25% for major sporting events 
  •  25% for grants to support youth sports throughout the state.

The former Senate Majority Leader says revenue generated in the U.S. by sports betting last year topped $80 billion. Miller says Minnesota’s sports betting prohibition is putting it behind neighboring states.

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