When you think of safe cities in Minnesota, small towns always come to mind first.  Especially with the unrest that has been happening in the Twin Cities area for the last few years, this is especially true.  I have heard so many people mention how they appreciate the small town living that you can experience in greater Minnesota.

According to livability.com, St. Joseph is ranked as one of the safest cities in Minnesota.  St. Joe has been adding so many fun things in recent years.  New restaurants, breweries, entertainment and activities.

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Even though this list is from 2017, it's still a good indication of how safe St. Joe is. Also,  Rochester is on the list- and is probably the biggest city on this list.  Other towns include Farmington, Shakopee, Shoreview, White Bear township, Little Canada, Corcoran, Wyoming, and Thomson Township. If you are like me and wondering where that is, it's located about a half an hour from Duluth.

Some of these towns on the list are technically in the metro area, and a suburb of the Twin Cities, they still have that small town feel.

So, if you are looking to relocate, check out and consider some of these great small/medium towns in Minnesota.

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