In the small town of Huron, SD there's a population of about 13,118. So what in the world are the odds that at this small town's high school, their football team has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sets of twins!

Credit: Taylor Budge, KSFY
Credit: Taylor Budge, KSFY

Seriously! You have Landon and Hayden Hegg (juniors) who are both running backs, Carter and Colby Hot (sophomores) who are also running backs, Tristan and Sebastian Cardona (sophomores), and finally Remington and Benjamin Walton (seniors).

The fact that there are 2 sets that are sophomores in this small town is crazy enough but then to have four on the football team is even weirder! (Really, what are the odds? Someone do the math for me!)

Their coach, Michael Schmitz, told KSFY, "'I get them confused pretty regularly, I even had a lot of them in my classroom in the middle school. I can tell them apart without helmets on, but when there are helmets on I can’t really tell. They kind of keep me on my toes.'"


Source: KSFY


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