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The first part of the week Rochester was nine inches deep in snow. Today (Friday, March 29) the temperature is in the 40's and we're looking at 50's over the weekend. Makes for a pretty good end to a week. But even when it's a good end to the week, you might need a little bucket* refill. .

I'll start with this video from Othelmo da Silva, a regular on Spotted in Rochester, he captured a perfect sky, the rustling wind, and Old Glory looking glorious. It's feast for your eyes and ears.

Now, an entry from Rochester Celebrity (musician, active citizen, the coolest of cheerleaders, and kindness modeler, see it all on his Facebook Page). It must be very hard to be John. If you follow him on Facebook, he takes and posts a ton of cool  pictures...however, that means he's always stopping for a shot. If he's like me, it's fun, but you're always saying, "Uppps, hang on a second." Anyway, this is one of those times...

John Sievers

And as much as John Sievers does for Rochester, there was this one time we all tried to help him... .

John got his trombone back!

Anyway, back to the story. Next, Tracy Sam posted a photo that needs no explanation, back story, or description. It is just wonderful.

Tracy Sam

And finally, from Anthony Macioce, we have a man who quietly goes about helping a neighbor. Apparently, he's never asked for a thank you, he just helps out and then moves on with his day. Anthony said, "Unsolicited snowblowing by a neighborly Good Samaritan in front of the Oxford Recovery House on 11th Ave NW. Much gratitude and appreciation, my friend!"

Anthony Macioce

There's one comment on Anthony's Spotted In Rochester post that stands out to me...Terry DH said, "My dad did this for the neighbors on his block until he was in his 80's. The next-door neighbor took over the task and his snow blower when dad died."

Did you smile? Did you feel good down to your toes? I love hearing and seeing the good things happening in Rochester. Feel free to send me your pictures or social media posts that let everyone know, "This is a great place to live and work...we're in it together."

*MY BUCKET  - There are lot of things to call your mental and physical energy level. Some people use "spoons" (I'm outta spoons, so no drama, just a book, a quiet night, and then bed). I lake to call it My Bucket. As you go through your day, maybe you dealing with a LOT of stuff and your bucket gets a little empty and it needs a refill.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know:

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