It's been 20 years since Cruel Intentions came out, and to celebrate, it'll be playing this weekend in Rochester! Go, and you could meet an area guy that was in the movie!

I wrote about the 20th Anniversary HERE, and at that time, no Rochester showing was planned, but I got a call today that changed all that.

Cruel Intentions IS playing in Rochester starting today and at the Saturday 7:20 showing, Matt Derby, an extra with a ton of screen time, will be at Marcus Theaters doing a meet and greet.

Who is Matt Derby? Now he's a painter, a husband, a father to three children, and the guy that walks the dog (I'm guessing on that one, but they do have a dog). But, back in the day, he graduated KM (Class of '93) and took off for Hollywood.


His first gig was Cruel Intentions, and in the funeral scene, he's right there in the front row. In all, he has SEVEN MINUTES in the movie. That's a lot of screen time for an extra.

I know all this because he called the show today, check it out...

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