A Minnesota couple took an amazing trip to Brazil a few months ago. It was going to be a great trip, sort of like a babymoon because they were pregnant. But then things took a turn and the couple and their newborn son are now stranded.

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Minnesota Family Stranded in Brazil

Cheri and Chris Phillips were taking a trip to Brazil when Cheri was six months pregnant. They had checked with doctors about the trip and they said it was all good because Cheri wasn't due until the beginning of June.

Agustin Diaz, Unsplash
Agustin Diaz, Unsplash

So they took off on their two-week trip back in February. Well, that two-week trip has now turned into 3 months.

Just a couple of days before Cheri and Chris were supposed to come back to Minnesota, Cheri started having some pain. She told WCCO, "'in the middle of the night I started bleeding, I told Chris, yes, I need to go to the hospital.'"

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It was determined that Cheri needed a C-section right away and Greyson was born! In Brazil...

They Can't Bring Greyson Home

Greyson was only just over 2 pounds when he was born, doctors had to resuscitate his heart, and then he was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit.

After 51 days, Greyson could finally go home! Except because he was born in Brazil he couldn't get back into the US with his parents.

So now, Greyson, Cheri, and Chris have been stuck in Brazil trying to figure out how in the world they're going to get back to Minnesota.

Adam Duxter, WCCO
Adam Duxter, WCCO

Trying to Bring Greyson Home

To get back into the US, baby Greyson would need a passport. And to get a passport he needs a birth certificate. And the Brazilian court system is giving Cheri and Chris a hard time when it comes to getting Greyson's birth certificate.

The couple writes that the issue is that the local registry office "'refuses to issue Greyson's birth certificate simply because (our) U.S. passports do not have (our) parents' names on them.'"

But that's not all. Even if they did have Greyson's birth certificate they would have to drive 300 miles away to the nearest US Embassy to get a passport for Greyson.

What a headache! Cheri and Chris have been in contact with Senator Tina Smith's office to help. As of right now, according to WCCO, she's working on being able to get the passport to the family without them needing to travel 300 miles. Hey, that's better than nothing.

But they still have the complication of getting Greyson's birth certificate. I'm really hoping they get this sorted out soon. While I'm sure Brazil is an amazing place to be, I doubt it's any fun when you have a newborn, don't know the language, and have no idea when you'll be coming home.

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