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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A large downtown residential tower has been evacuated due to structural concerns.

A statement issued by the City of Rochester says the approximately 180 residents of the 12-story Rochester Towers building were ordered to evacuate this afternoon due to an unspecified structural issue. Following the evacuation, the Rochester Fire Department and Rochester Police Department conducted door-to-door checks to make sure everyone had vacated the 94-unit condominium complex.

Rochester Towers

Officials say vehicles are also being told from the building's parking ramp out of an abundance of caution. Streets surrounding Rochester Towers, including 2nd Street Southwest, and approximately 150 feet in all directions have been closed and will remain closed until it is determined the building the safe. Officials say the road closures are expected to remain in place through at least Monday and anyone entering downtown Rochester is advised to use Civic Center Drive.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

City officials say once it is verified the building has been evacuated, the scene will be turned over to property management and private contractors to work on remedying the situation. The structural issue was discovered during an inspection this afternoon, which prompted the order to evacuate the building.

A news release says the property management group is working with residents to find temporary housing and the Rochester Emergency Management Team is on standby to assist with temporary shelter through the Red Cross if necessary.

The Rochester emergency situation comes on the heels of an apartment building collapse in Davenport Iowa, where the search of the rubble has shifted from a rescue operation to a recovery mission with at least two people unaccounted for.

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