Over the summer, kids lose a lot of what they learn over the school year because they don’t do anything related to school during that time. That is why there are a lot of reading programs out there. The Rochester Public Library realized that students need access to reading materials over the summer and they created the BookBike. This mobile library travels around Rochester in high traffic areas and allows families to check out books. According to their website, kids can check out books, and create library cards all from the bike and trailer. They have an iPad that runs all the systems for this mobile library.

So where can you find this library on wheels? It goes to places like the Farmers Market, Soldier’s Field, and Silver Lake. Library staff is responsible for taking the BookBike around and helping kids discover a love for reading. The library wanted to take books to places like downtown and parks and didn't know how to get them there. That is when the BookBike became a thing. They also thought this was a great way to promote staying active and living a green life.

The website says that there around 120 books on the cart before it goes out on each adventure. The goal is to introduce kids and families to reading that wouldn't normally be introduced to it. Check out their website for a complete list of dates and where the BookBike will be!

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