The Left follows radical professor Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” using humiliation, hate, and threats to demonize “divisive” opponents” who dare question their wisdom.

Democrat advocates of Socialism can’t define it and ignore historic socialist-communist atrocities. Leftists ignore open border dangers, but John Binder reported 6500 arrested illegal immigrants in 2018 were previously convicted felons.

The socialist wing of the Democrat party seems ignorant of historic communist-socialist atrocities, totalitarianism, and even the ideological destruction of once prosperous Venezuela.

Democrats demonize white males and conservative minorities and call Republicans “old white people,” while led by Schumer, Hillary, Pelosi, and Sanders.

“Racist” Trump established the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council to create inner city investment, education, and employment zones. Trump was joined by Black leaders, including Hillary Clinton donor Robert L. Johnson, who praised Trump’s business strategies for economic growth.

Trump asked the FBI to “go easy” on Gen. Michael Flynn. Obstruction of justice? President Obama claimed he didn’t know about Hillary’s secret email account but emailed her on it using an alias and concluded, “She did nothing wrong;” and “not a smidgen of evidence” on IRS discrimination against conservative groups.

The FBI used an “unverified” dossier paid for by the Hillary campaign and DNC to deceive a federal judge for an anti-Trump investigation warrant. Ex-British spy Christopher Steele told a London court he was hired “to challenge the legitimacy of the 2016 election” if Trump won.

In congressional testimony, former FBI director James Comey was protected by a ring of lawyers directing him not to answer problematic questions. Comey claimed, “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember” 245 times. Former Asst. FBI Director James Kallstrom called Comey “a dirty cop, liar, leaker, and disgrace.”

According to the DOJ Inspector General, Mueller’s team deleted text messages of disgraced anti-Trump FBI employees Strzok and Page. Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, no Michael Flynn fan, demanded FBI interview documents when Flynn was advised not to have a lawyer present. Compare that to the protective treatment the FBI provided Hillary Clinton and her lawyers.

Meanwhile, stock market volatility was exacerbated by tariff issues, Wall Street fears of future House Democrat control of taxation and spending, and higher Fed interest rates.

And President Trump is withdrawing some combat troops from the costly 17-year war that killed 2400 American troops in Afghanistan alone. Trump can continue to arm Kurdish rebels and launch missiles, as anti-Trump and anti-war Democrats are suddenly war hawks against Trump’s military drawdown.

Trump must declassify Deep State documents and use military construction experts to build that wall if he wants to be reelected in 2020. illegal immigration exacts huge negative socio-economic, welfare and criminal justice costs on American taxpayers estimated by some sources to exceed $100 billion per year.