We asked you to show us your puppies (young and old) and wow! You came thru with some of the best dog pictures I've ever seen! Some really cute, some heartwarming, some just funny! You gotta see 'em all...

According to Mental Floss, there are a bunch of reasons it's great for you to have a dog. Here are just a few of 'em...

  • You get sick less
  • You have better heart health
  • You get more exercise
  • You'll be happier

I can't have a dog, both because of where I live, how little I'm home, and because I'm allergic. Not as allergic as I am to cats, but I feel no loss being unable to own a cat. They're not my bag, baby.

But a dog? Oh, I love 'em. LOVE THEM. In so many cases, they're so much better than humans. It's a real loss not being able to have a dog, and looking thru these pictures doesn't help. KIDDING! It totally gives me a fix.

The Cutest Dogs of Rochester, Minnesota

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