I want to keep this a secret still but...I know how exciting it is for kids (and some adults) to see their faces up on the big Jumbotron at Target Field during a Minnesota Twins game.  If you are ready for that moment to happen for your family, keep reading.

Full disclaimer:  My family loves the Minnesota Twins.  We have been huge fans and have spent a lot of money at the Metrodome back in the day and now Target Field.  We've gone on the hunt for the plate in the floor at the Mall of America.  We've got blankets and jerseys, signed baseballs, and we even have a toothbrush holder and a cast for an arm signed by some previous players.  Long story.

The last few years I've been trying hard to get my kids' faces up on the Jumbotron.  It took some figuring out but my little system has now gotten our photos up on the Jumbotron at least 99% of the games we have attended the last few years.  The one time we didn't get up, a family member with us that used my secret did end up on the Jumbotron.  So, I am going to just say that this works...and it works pretty much all of the time.

How To Get Your Photos On The Jumbotron During A Minnesota Twins Game:

  • Step One - Get to the game early or start thinking about this at least 2 hours before the game starts.
  • Step Two - At least 90 minutes to an hour before the game starts, take several great photos of you, your kids, or your family.  It is best if you are standing in front of one of the bronze statues outside of Target Field, with TC Bear, or some other Minnesota Twins branded area.  If it is a Sunday, make sure that kids are in the photo because this is kids day and almost all photos and fun activities are geared for the kids that day.  If you aren't able to make it to Target Field early, use an older photo instead.
  • Step Three - Use your Instagram and Twitter accounts (both is best) and add three to five photos with the hashtag #twinspics
  • Step Four - Watch for the #twinspics to show up on the Jumbotron during the game.  It will scroll through 6 pictures at a time.  Just have your phone or camera ready and once it starts, you usually have enough time to grab a photo of your photo up on the big screen.

It is always fun to tag the Minnesota Twins on social media too...and who knows, maybe they will give your post a little heart just like they did to mine on Instagram the other day too.  ;)  Want to see the photo of me hanging out with TC Bear?  You can see it over on my Facebook and Instagram page - Jessica On The Radio.

The Minnesota Twins liked my Instagram photo! - Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
This notification made my day!  :)  The Minnesota Twins liked my Instagram photo! - Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

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