Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Rochester Police have made a third arrest in connection with a robbery last weekend and believe this person was also involved in Tuesday evenings shootings in northwest Rochester.

Captain John Sherwin says 19-year-old Ron Burkes is suspected of being the person who actually punched a 16-year-old boy and stole the victim’s Louis Vuitton purse and new iPhone early Sunday. Sherwin says some personal items belonging to Burkes were also found in the blue Audi that was impounded by police following the apparent rolling gunfight on Tuesday.

The car was found at Lincolnshire Park after police were called to investigate reports of a blue car and a black vehicle speeding through the Lincolnshire neighborhood while the occupants of both vehicles exchanged gunfire. Police later found 3 guns in the blue Audi, which belongs to 19-year-old Thaddeus Merritt. He and a 17-year-old boy were arrested on Wednesday as suspects in the robbery and the shootings.

Captain Sherwin say all three are being held on first-degree aggravated robbery charges.

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