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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Donald Trump has endorsed Republican Scott Jensen for Minnesota's governor, the second statewide race the former president sought to influence this week as the campaign nears a finish.

Trump said in a social media post late Tuesday that Minnesota won't have “any more fiery takeovers of police precincts” if Jensen is elected, a reference to a Minneapolis police station burned by protesters during riots that followed the police killing of George Floyd under Democratic Gov. Tim Walz's watch.

In a statement, Jensen gave the endorsement a cautious welcome in a quote that didn't mention Trump by name, saying he was “grateful for those who have recognized” his ability to lead.

Trump's endorsement came shortly after he endorsed Republican Kim Crockett for secretary of state.

Democrats jumped on the Jensen endorsement in a statement that accused Jensen of embracing Trump's “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from him, and noted that Jensen earlier this year called for Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon to be jailed over the election.

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