I checked in on the EagleCam today and it was difficult to watch this beautiful bird protecting her babies from the weather. The second egg was laid over the weekend, Saturday, February 18th, just before noon.  As I viewed the EagleCam today, the nest was absolutely covered and filled with snow, and all you could see was the Eagle's back. Her head was tucked under the fresh white fluffy snow.

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According to the MN DNR, the birds are alternating duties taking care of their two eggs, and while one is caring for the eggs, the other is watching out constantly for predators.

The birds seem to know that bad weather was on their way, as they have been preparing their nest and filling it with soft fur, feathers, leaves, and grass. The eggs are buried deep inside, and according to the DNR, the snow that's on the way will provide insulation for the eggs as they mature.

The big question is; will there be another egg? We should know soon. We can probably expect these eggs to hatch in a little over a month.


Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

If you want to make a donation to keep the EagleCam going, you can do so by clicking HERE. Our donations actually make a big difference in helping the DNR restore habitats, monitor species populations, provide outreach and education and of course, keep the EagleCams and FalcomCams running.

Whether your concern is for bees, butterflies, eagles, loons, frogs, songbirds, bats and turtles just to name a few, by providing our donations of $10 or more, those dollars help secure funds for these animals as well as Minnesota's Wildlife Action Plan, which you can read about by clicking HERE.


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