The Blaine Police Department this morning confirmed the online post about a delivery driver who drove over recently ordered groceries. The police department also confirmed that the incident was over a pro-police sign on the couple's lawn.

The Blaine Police Department put out a press release online about the subject.

On December 6th, 2021, an elderly couple reported that they had placed a grocery order from a local Cub Foods and requested delivery via the Instacart delivery service. They reported that once they received notification that the driver was at their house, they decided to meet the driver outside due to the amount of snow in their driveway and being worried that the driver may get stuck if they had to pull into the driveway. 

When the couple opened the front door, the delivery driver yelled back at them to check inside their Christmas wreath. They also reported the driver was driving back and forth in the driveway. Upon checking inside of the wreath, they located the receipt from the grocery order with a derogatory message. After the delivery driver left they found that their groceries had been run over in the driveway. 

After reviewing the context of the written message it appears that the delivery driver's actions were in response to a sign supporting law enforcement that is in the homeowner's front yard. 

The homeowners received a full refund from Instacart and an outpouring of support from the community. The delivery driver has been identified and the investigation continues with charges likely in the near future. 

The notice went on to advise the public that the Blaine Police Department cannot receive donations for the couple affected at the police department.

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