A week ago it looked like the event could be canceled because Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis was ice-free. 100% open water in early January. After our recent Arctic blast, all systems are suddenly a 'go' for this week.

The goal is to celebrate the joy of hockey "the way nature intended" on a Minneapolis lake each January with players reuniting with their youth and friends over a weekend when time can stand still and everyone can all be kids for three days.

USPHC at Lake Nokomis January 18 - 28

High temperatures in Minneapolis are forecast to be in the single digits for the rest of the week, which will help to add even more ice thickness.

USPHC Tournament officials say:

As of today, we are moving forward with Plan A on Opening Weekend, which is our complete and regular experience.

As the cold temperatures continue to hang around, and ice safety continues to improve; crews with the USPHC will be able to start creating rinks and all of the supporting infrastructure on Lake Nokomis ahead of the big event.

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As of now, the 2024 festivities are set to open this Thursday afternoon. Tournament play is scheduled to get underway on Friday morning.

The games are four players on the ice per team, and consist of two 15-minute halves. There are all kinds of levels and divisions for teams and players of all ages and skill levels.

The champions do not win prizes, but go down in history with their names etched into the Golden Shovel, a symbol of our lifelong love and passion for the purity of this outdoor game.

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