The Salvation Army is alive and well and open for you in Rochester, MN. People have been calling asking why they left Rochester. It seems, with the two Salvation Army thrift stores closed, people thought all of the Rochester Salvation Army shut down. Not true.

People miss the thrift stores, the most recent one closing just a few weeks ago (see the story HERE). Will a new store be opening soon? For the answer to that, I spoke with Rebecca Snap, Director of Community Engagement at the Rochester Salvation Army. And she said that's the forward to about 55 seconds in.

Over the next six months or so, the Rochester Salvation Army will be trying to locate a new home for their thrift store. Someplace close to downtown, but also affordable. If you're a property owner that has just the right spot at just the right price, get in touch with 'em, please. Use the link above.

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