WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Tom Emmer has abruptly abandoned his bid to become House speaker.

That's according to Republican sources familiar with the situation inside a closed-door meeting.

Emmer of Minnesota withdrew hours after winning the internal party nomination once it became clear he would not have enough support from GOP colleagues for the gavel.

He reversed course after Donald Trump objected to his nomination and hardliners in the House denied him the votes he would need. He fell far short of the support of almost all Republicans he would need during a floor vote ahead.

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement after Tom Emmer’s short-lived bid for Speaker of the House ended in failure: 

“The fact that Tom Emmer was not far right enough for House Republicans is a sign of just how extreme the Republican Party has become,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “It appears that even if you support a total ban on abortion with no exceptions, you aren’t allowed to lead the Republican Party unless you support overturning a presidential election. We don’t know who will emerge as Speaker from the chaos that Republicans have plunged Washington into – but we know that they will have to kiss the ring of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.” 

It’s been three weeks since Republicans ousted Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

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