I have not been to a Twins game yet this season, but I do know they have some great new and different food choices.

For a long, long time stadiums stuck with hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and Hamm's beer (locally).

When everyone started building new ballparks, they expanded their menus. Lots of wacky, weird and wonderful foods were suddenly being offered at your favorite stadiums.

In Atlanta, there's the Tomahawk Chop sandwich. Nothing too fancy, other than the price. It’s a breaded and fried pork chop with collard green cole slaw and BBQ sauce. For just $26.00! But it does feed four.

There’s the Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich in Arizona with strawberry-granny smith apple jam on top. A diet-lover's delight!

Most every ballpark has some kind of mac and cheese/taco/fajita/chicken/steak/sausage concoction, but the best (or worst) one has to be in Seattle.

Turns out the Mariners are now serving toasted grasshoppers at their games. Maybe next year they'll come with a side of mealy worms! Gross!

Insects: Our Food Of The Future?
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I think I’ll stick with peanuts and a hot dog.

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