On Monday August 7th, you'll hear voices on your radio that are new to News-Talk 1340 KROC AM.  While they are new to us, they may actually be familiar voices to you.

Gordon Deal - James Rabe - Mike Gallagher

On Friday August 4th, Rich Peterson said farewell to the radio airwaves.  He's been such a valuable part of our station and our community and can never be replaced. However, this brings change. Our veteran news-talk team including Kim David, Andy Brownell, and guests you've come to know and enjoy like Tom Ostrom will continue on, and we're adding some prized personalities to support them.

First, we'd like to introduce Rochester radio veteran James Rabe.  You've probably heard him on 106.9 KROC or Y-105 FM over the past few decades.  He's been a tireless supporter for so many people and charitable organizations and is well respected within our community.  We're excited to have him join our team.  You'll now hear him with Andy and Kim on Rochester Today at 11am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This lively hour moves from 10am to 11am and features guests and issues of interest to Rochester residents, including monthly visits by Mayor Ardell Brede, and City Attorney Terry Adkins. Rochester Today also features a rotating panel of experts who make themselves available to assist KROC-AM listeners.

Second, we'd like to introduce our new early morning show, This Morning - America's First News with Gordon Deal.  He's been on our station for many years at 5am, but now his program expands to 8am.  Don't worry, Kim David isn't going anywhere.  He'll be a major part of the program.  Host Gordon Deal goes beyond the headlines with the day's first look at news and business news from the U.S. and around the world; bringing a lively blend of intelligent information, humor, and expert analysis to morning radio.  Kim David will supply breaking local news, weather, info, and sports throughout the program.

Third, we'd like to introduce our new mid morning show, The Mike Gallagher Show.  Again, Kim David will be a major part of this program.  Dubbed “The Happy Conservative Warrior”, Mike is one of the most consistently popular hosts in America, reaching over 7 million listeners daily. Mike’s passionate interaction with listeners and his fast-paced, fun delivery make his show pure appointment listening. Kim David will supply breaking local news, weather, info, and sports throughout the program.

The New Morning Lineup Looks Like This:

5a-8a America’s First News w/Gordon Deal

8a-11a The Mike Gallagher Show

11a-12p Rochester Today with Andy, James, Tom Ostrom, and amazing guests

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