Just what share of residents of Minnesota say they've put a ring on it at least once in their life?

While marriage rates here in the North Star State and across the country have continued to fall over the years, marriage is still fairly common in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

According to World Population Review, slightly over half of all Minnesotans-- 51.7 percent-- report being married in 2024. That's a very slight (.02%) decrease from 2023, but still well above the national average of 47 percent.

It also puts the Land of 10,000 Lakes on the list of top ten states with the highest marriage rate. Minnesota ranked 7th on the World Population Review list, with Utah topping the list, followed by Idaho and Wyoming.



1. Utah
2. Idaho
3. Wyoming
4. Nebraska
5. Iowa
6. Kansas
7. Minnesota
8. Montana
9. New Hampshire
10. North Dakota

While those numbers are healthy, they're not the entire story, however. According to Axios Twin Cities, new data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, the national share of the population who says they've been married at least once is dropping and is now down nearly 60 percent since 1970.

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Right now, the share of Americans who say they've been married at least once is hovering at 31 percent nationwide. But here in Minnesota, once again, we're above average-- if only slightly. Axios Twin Cities says one in three Minnesotans say they've been married at least once since 2022, putting our rate at 32.07 percent.

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That's slightly above the marriage rate behind the Cheddar Curtain over in Wisconsin, where their rate is 31.74 percent. However, Minnesota's rate is below Iowa's 32.61 percent and South Dakota's 32.08 percent. Even North Dakota beats us slightly, with a rate of 32.18 percent.

Perhaps the reason that two-thirds of Minnesota's population says they've never been married is the cost: The Wedding Report says that as of 2024, the average cost for a wedding with between 150 to 200 guests here in the Gopher Star State will cost you between $26,000 to $32,000!

And speaking of expensive, once you get married, you'll need a place to live, right? So keep scrolling to take a peak inside and see what the Most Expensive House in Minnesota looks like!

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