You'd think with the 'Minnesota nice' in all of us, there wouldn't be much hatred. Of all the things we could hate, here's the most hated thing in Minnesota.

The dating app called "Hater" is a people matching service that picks out the perfect mate based on common things they hate. They just analyzed their data and came up with the things that people hate in each state, and it's very random to say the least.

We were surprised to find out that Minnesota's most hated thing is drinking alone! I guess it makes sense with our long cold winters where the only thing to do is ice fish and snowmobile. Drinking goes hand-in-hand with that, and isn't very fun to do alone.

Here's what I mean about it being random per state...

  • Colorado hates the music group 'N Sync
  • Illinois hates biting string cheese
  • Iowa hates long hair on guys
  • South Dakota hates the New York Times
  • California hates fidget spinners (I agree with them on that!)

Here's the entire map to see what each state hates most:

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