Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and that means green outfits, corned beef and cabbage, green beers, and the Rochester Caledonia Pipe Band. For the first time since 2019, the local bagpipe group will be making appearances all around town.
According to the band's website,, you can trace the band's roots back to the 1970s. They are dedicated to bringing the music, history, and culture of the Highland Bagpipe to the residents of Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota." They play in several different venues at events throughout the year and compete against other pipe bands in the regional highland games, but St. Patrick's Day is their Super Bowl. See the full pub-crawl schedule below.

Rochester Caledonia Bagpipe St Patrick's Day Pub Crawl Schedule

St Patrick's Day festivities will feel normal again in 2022 with the return of the bagpipers. The Rochester Caledonia Bagpipers will be making 12 appearances at different establishments around Rochester, Minnesota. This is the first time the pub crawl has happened since 2019.

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