One of the best holidays of the year is in the heat of the summer!  Flashes of light, loud bursts, and crowds gathering to see the fireworks will be happening once again this Fourth of July.  This is also the fun season where about a third of Americans pull out their red, white, and blue outfit to wear to celebrate America's birthday.

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Checklist Of What To Bring If You Are Watching Fireworks in Minnesota

If you are one of the 44% of Americans who will be out enjoying fireworks this year, below is a checklist to use to ensure that you have an amazing night viewing the magic in the sky.  If you've got kids, there is even a tip below to help keep their little fingers safe from getting burned from sparklers.

10 Must-Have Items When Watching Fireworks in Minnesota

Before you head out to watch with your kids, go through the checklist below to make sure your night of watching the amazing lights in the sky is as perfect as possible.

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FAQ:  Should I Bring My Dog To Watch Fireworks in Minnesota?

I remember when our dog was just a puppy, I thought it would be a great idea to gather up some treats, bring a little water dish to make sure he stayed hydrated, and of course a few toys to help keep him entertained.  And then, a few nights before the Fourth of July showed up on the calendar, our lovely neighbors decided to throw a little party.

As the sky got darker, everyone gathered outside and then a few, friendly fireworks started to go off in our street.  I love fireworks and thought the little bursts of colors shooting up from the street were gorgeous.  My new dog did not.

It was at that moment that I learned quickly how scared animals get when fireworks are happening in the sky around us.  Animals bark, their anxiety gets heightened, they get very skittish, and sometimes just run.  In fact, the Fourth of July is the day when the most pets go missing from their beloved homes.  To help keep your pets safe this fourth of July, check out these helpful tips below.

Simple ways to help your pets cope during fireworks

Some easy, but important tips that can help keep your pets from getting too anxious during fireworks.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

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38 Words that People Have a Really Hard Time Pronouncing

If you've ever been ridiculed because you said a word funny, you aren't alone. I took a survey and found that out the huge list of words below are some of the most difficult for people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois to say correctly. How many do you have trouble with?

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