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Add another celebrity to the Celebrities from Stillwater List on Wikipedia (scroll to see list). This time it's a 10-year-old kid who led police on a car chase that sounds like some kind of Adam Sandler movie plot.

7. Adam Sandler for Worst Actor
Adam Sandler - Universal

Stillwater, Minnesota police say it was Sunday night around 9:30 when the child was spotted driving his parent's 2016 Chrysler minivan. The squad car turned around, turned on it's lights, and instead of pulling over, the kid took off!

The Pioneer Press reports the police turned off the lights and siren and just followed him because a chase would be super dangerous.

Not 400 MPH, but you know...zoom! ktsimage

The kid hit 50 mph at one point, and, in the part that seems like it should be in a movie, he disappeared and reappeared driving backwards thru an intersection. Classic Hollywood gag, right?

Going backwards is what caught him up, though, as he backed into a yard and the officer was able to block him in and contacted the parents who had no idea he was out if the house. Why was he out of the house? To get Cheerios for breakfast, of course.

Dry wholegrain cheerios in a cereal bowl
Rena-Marie ThinkStock


I mentioned above the list of celebrities from Stillwater, MN. A partial list...heavy on the running (just like the boy did when the cop turned on the lights and siren!! lol).

  • Ben Blankenship, member of Team USA Track and Field who set the world record in the distance medley
  • James B. Clark, director and Oscar-nominated film editor, born in Stillwater
  • Jessie Diggins, Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing, attended high school in Stillwater
  • Sean Graham, retired professional track athlete and current head track and cross country coach at American University
  • Jessica Lange, actress, resided in Stillwater

See the whole list of Stillwater associated celebrities here. 

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