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Olmsted County announced today they're placing 11 kiosks in 11 agencies in Rochester and around our community to give county citizens greater access to services they offer.

For example, there will be a kiosk at Channel One. So, instead of having to make a trip two locations, people will be able to make it one and done for "services from Olmsted County’s Health, Housing, and Human Services (HHH) teams as well as information on Legal Assistance of Olmsted County, RentHelpMN, and State of Minnesota benefits."

Olmsted County
Olmsted County

Taking a look at the screen shot up there, you can see a ton of services are available for you on the kiosks, everything from child and youth services to mental health services. Scroll down for the complete list from the county.

The kiosks will have a speaker so you can hear directions and such, but, also a handset if you want to keep things private. Tap here to see all the features.

Where Are the Kiosks in Olmsted County?


Up and Running Kiosks at:

  • Channel One at 131 35th St. SE, Rochester, MN
  • Family Service Rochester at 4600 18th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN
  • Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA) at 2500 Valleyhigh Dr. NW, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Olmsted County government 2100 Bldg at 2100 Campus Dr. SE, Rochester, MN
  • Olmsted County government 2117 Bldg at 2117 Campus Dr. SE, Rochester, MN
  • Rochester Public Library 101 2nd St. SE, Rochester, MN
  • The Salvation Army (social services building) 115 1st Ave. NE, Rochester, MN
  • Zumbro Valley Health Center 343 Woodlake Dr., Rochester, MN
Olmsted County
Olmsted County

Kiosks Available August 10, 2021

  • Stewartville Public Library 110 2nd St. SE, Stewartville, MN
  • RCTC Heintz Center 1926 Collegeview Rd. E., Rochester, MN 55904
Kim David/TSM-Rochester
Kim David/TSM-Rochester

What Health and Human Services Are On the Kiosks?

Adults and seniors: Adult behavioral health; adult foster care; aging and elderly services; dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT); disability services; report abuse; substance use disorder treatment; and veteran benefits.

Child & youth: Adoption services; child foster care license; child support (help with collecting); childcare licensing; immunizations; parenting resources; report abuse; Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program; and youth behavioral health.

Crisis: Adult behavioral health; dialectical behavior therapy (DBT); and Rochester Community Warming Center.

Financial Assistance: Cash or emergency assistance; child support (help with collecting); child care assistance program; food assistance; medical assistance (health care); Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program.

Food, water, & air: Drinking water testing and radon testing.


Health, medical, & well-being: Aging and elderly services; adult behavioral health; dialectical behavior therapy (DBT); medical assistance (health care); immunizations; report foodborne illness; Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program; and youth behavioral health.

Housing: Housing assistance and the Rochester Community Warming Center.

Individuals living with a disability: Disability services.

Mental health resources: Adult behavioral health; dialectical behavior therapy (DBT); substance use disorder treatment; and youth behavioral health.

Veterans: Veterans benefits.

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