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I was looking for a job. Laid off from a great radio job, I was looking everywhere for work, and an interview popped up in Duluth, MN, so I packed my bags, and on the way there, my life changed forever.

What Changed Your Life On That Drive?

A sign...a sign changed my life. It's the one up there.

Oink Joint Road.

I stopped and took about 50 pictures. It didn't look special, there were no pigs in sight, no porcine placements, no joints of the pig. Nary a snout. Just a gravel road, an old fence, and a lot of unspoiled country.


It was beautiful, and I enjoyed my time there, but you can only sit and look at a sign for so long before you have to move on and find the great smell of the great lakes in Duluth, Minnesota.

In Honor of that day, I dug up 16 of the weirdest, best, funniest, oddest, and fun street names in Minnesota.

16 of Minnesota's Weirdest Street Names

There are way more than 16 weird road/street names in Minnesota, but these are definitely the top 16!

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