State fairs are so much fun because it's really a county fair on steroids. This year the Minnesota State Fair has announced five new attractions and they all sound amazing. Plus, KARE11 states that the cattle barn that collapsed earlier will be finished in time for the festivities to kick-off in late August.

The first exhibit sounds like so much fun for all ages! It's called Angry Birds Universe: The Art & Science Behind the Global PhenomenonThis new exhibit runs daily during the fair from 9 am to 9 pm out of the North End Event Center. The cool thing about this exhibit is it's a hands-on experience for the whole family. This STEM-based attraction (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) allows families to learn about bird's growth, launch birds out of slingshots, learn about gravity and use a zipline to knock pads down at the end of the track. While doing this, you are also learning the math and science behind the events. The exhibit also explains how to create these massive pieces of art on computers and that sort of thing. This sounds like so much fun!

New this year, the fair has added a 24-foot tall "Corn-Stock"! It's a giant video board they are calling the "Minnesota Corn Fairstalk." This is another educational piece at the fair that will display facts about corn, farming and the fair in general. If you take some pretty awesome selfies and #mnstatefair, you might just find your picture on there.

If you are foodie, this exhibit might just be calling your name. The Sioux Chef Presents Indigenous Food Lab At Dan Patch ParkThat's a long title, but it's fitting for this action-packed event. This event will only be held on September 1st from 9am-6pm. While you are there, you will learn about preparing Indigenous food, the culture and learn how to dance cultural dances!

The goats are back this year! The Goat Booth will have over 1400 goats were you and your kids can learn everything about these cute animals. There's even an opportunity to learn how to milk a goat. Ever wondered what was on their chin? Go the exhibit to find out!

Last but certainly not least, the Agriculture and Horticulture building is doing eight new different presentations on everything you need to know about a successful garden. They even have a presentation on how to brew your own beer and the best ingredients to put in them.

According to the fair site, there are also a ton of new venders and new things are being added every day. Rumor has it there might even be some new rides to check out! I can't wait to go check out everything the Minnesota State Fair has to offer.

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