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La Crosse, WI (KROC AM News)  - Severe weather that hammered parts of southeast Minnesota Tuesday included heavy rain, strong winds, hail and possible tornadoes.

And a rain record in Rochester.

Storm cells moved through the region through the afternoon and evening, leading the National Weather Service to issue numerous weather warnings and advisories.

The last warning for southeast Minnesota was issued while most residents were sleeping.

The NWS issued a tornado warning at 11:23 pm for southeastern Olmsted County and portions of Fillmore and Winona counties after a strong storm was spotted 8 miles northwest of Preston and near Fountain.

The NWS has not confirmed any tornadoes but says there is a high likelihood a twister caused widespread damage in the small Mower County town of Taopi.

There were downed power lines near Spring Valley and tree and power line damage near Winona.


National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Rochester broke a 62-year rain record Tuesday. The city’s official total of 2.25 inches broke the previous record of .8 set in 1960.

Earlier Tuesday, strong winds blew over several trucks on I-35 near Owatonna.

Another round of strong winds is expected to affect the region Thursday.

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