The Minnesota Historical Society is a great organization. Without an organization like the Historical Society, we probably wouldn't have much inside our Capital Building, or much knowledge of how 'things used to be'. This morning the Minnesota Historical Society tweeted out a Minnesota Vikings 'Big Game' button from the 1970s, and in the process threw some salt in the Super Bowl wound of Vikings fans everywhere.

Did you know this weekend's quaint football tradition originated decades in the past? It's true! Historical artifacts such as this button from 1974 featuring a bowl in Vikings colors even suggest a local connection.


Image Credit: @MNHS via Twitter
Image Credit: @MNHS via Twitter

Alright, it was a subtly jab, but a jab nonetheless, where the Historical Society talks about how far back the tradition of crowning the National Football Leagues Champion on television.

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Of course, back when the Super Bowl was in its early days, the odds were likely that the Minnesota Vikings were going to be playing in it. The Vikings as an NFL team have appeared in four Super Bowls (1970, 1974, 1975, and 1977),  and as we know lost each time.

Since it's been a few years...cough cough....since the Vikings have made the Championship game I won't get too up in arms over the Tweet, but c'mon give us a break, Vikings fans will still be watching the game!

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