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Announced a short time ago on their Social Media, the Rochester Apache Mall Cold Stone store has closed permanently. And, as has been the case for too many Rochester businesses closing, the uncertain times are being blamed.

As the Facebook post mentions, two locations remain open. On South Broadway and on Marketplace Drive. Interesting thing, though. A quick Google search and already only two locations are listed. It often takes much longer to get Google to stop listing a closed location (or it lists as Closed Permanently). 


Back in August of this year, the North Cold Stone store closed temporarily...

(August 2020) Cold Stone Creamery in Rochester shared the following message on Monday, August 10th:

Dear Customers:
We have received COVID19 positive test results of an employee of our North Store. The employee did not work in the past few days because of symptoms. All employees that had any contact with with the affected employee have been put in quarantine and have been tested to make sure they are not positive.
We will be close at our North Store today due to deep cleaning and disinfecting of all areas. Rest assure that we will be very cautious to make sure our store remains a safe and confortable place for all our customers. We will keep on take extra precautions to keep our stores safe.
You can still visit us in any of our other two stores at the Apache Mall and at 2650 Broadway S where we will be happy to safely serve you the best ice cream Southern Minnesota.


Scroll down to see all the Rochester businesses that have closed in 2020...there's too darn many of 'em.

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