It Seems Like Everyone in Minnesota Is Hiring, Including a 26-Foot Nut

Everyone in the midwest is hiring, including a 26-foot nut that now calls Minnesota home.  If you've been looking for a job that will take you from coast to coast, your dream job awaits you.

Owen LUTERBACH Hormel Foods
Owen LUTERBACH Hormel Foods

Applications are open to become a driver for the NUTmobile

According to Hormel Foods, applications are open until January 24th, 2022 to drive the NUTmobile around the country to chauffeur the iconic Mr. Peanut.

Here's what Hormel Foods says you can expect if you sign up to drive the NUTmobile:

  • Driving the NUTmobile and delighting fans across the country at local community events
  • Representing the Planters brand in media interviews and appearances with local radio, television and digital publications
  • Working alongside people who perform little acts of substance for their communities at volunteer projects
  • Cracking nut puns and ensuring everyone has a nutty time with Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile
Owen LUTERBACH Hormel Foods
Owen LUTERBACH Hormel Foods

Ready to apply to be a driver for the NUTmobile?

The application is super easy and can be found at

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