Minneapolis, MN (Learfield Wire Services) -- An Employee of the T-C-F Bank branch in Minneapolis and her boyfriend have been formally charged in the robbery of the bank last November.

Bank teller 22-year-old Maria Isabel Jaime, and her 27-year-old boyfriend Felix Mendez are each charged with armed bank robbery for the theft at the T-C-F on East Lake Street. Prosecutors say Jaime was one of two bank employees who were opening for business that morning when a man approached with a gun, forced his way into the bank and told the employees to take him to the vault. The robber then left on foot, getting away with approximately 240-thousand dollars.

T-C-F Corporate Security, says that Maria Jaime had not followed proper opening procedures, and had not acted appropriately during the robbery. Bank security also noticed unusual deposits into Jaime's accounts, and learned that Mendez was a convicted armed bank robber and attempted murderer.

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