The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota has issued a nationwide alert regarding Waterford Management.  According to the release issued today, it's an online entity that is defrauding janitorial supply businesses across the country and it claims to be based in Minneapolis.

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

The BBB has received numerous complaints from those companies saying Waterford Management has picked up tens of thousands of dollars worth of cleaning from them in recent weeks and left them holding the tab.


According to Susan Adams Loyd, President and CEO of BBB of MN/NoDak, this company is working with third-party shippers who apparently pick up merchandise and it's never seen again.

But that's not all you should be wary of this time of year.

Barb Grieman, Senior Vice-President with the BBB was on Rochester's Good Morning with me Friday and she said they receive many complaints regarding unscrupulous building contractors.

Here's what the BBB recommends:

- Find three contractors and compare quotes

- Make sure they're licensed

- Check references

- Confirm Permits

- and get a contract!

If you do have problems, complaints, or maybe an unfinished project contact the Minnesota Department of Labor or call the BBB AT 1-800-646-6222 or go to


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