MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Joe Biden captured Minnesota's Democratic presidential primary Tuesday, just a day after Amy Klobuchar ended her campaign and threw her support to the former vice president.

Biden - 38%
Sanders - 30%
Warren - 16%
Bloomberg - 8%
Klobuchar - 5%

Biden had done little in Minnesota before Super Tuesday but clearly benefited from Klobuchar's backing and that of fellow moderate Pete Buttegieg, who ended his campaign Sunday.

The effort by moderates to unify behind Biden denied front-runner Bernie Sanders a victory in Minnesota, where he won caucuses four years ago and enjoyed strong support from progressives again this cycle. Sanders had endorsements and campaign help from Rep. Ilhan Omar and state Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Results from the First Congressional District:

Biden:  42%

Sanders:  27.5%

Warren:  11%

Bloomberg:  9%

Klobuchar:  8%

Olmsted County results:

Biden:  43%

Sanders:  27%

Warren:  14%

Bloomberg:  7%

Klobuchar:  7%

President Donald Trump had the Minnesota GOP primary ballot all to himself after party leaders decided not to list any Republican challengers.

It was Minnesota's first presidential primary since 1992 after decades of relying on precinct caucuses to indicate presidential preference.

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