Alcohol laws vary from state to state, which means it's always smart to review the specific laws where you live.

Here in Minnesota, navigating the labyrinth of drinking laws can be tricky, especially for business owners, and there is one frequently asked question that seems to pop up the most among consumers:

What's the truth about minors legally drinking alcohol with their parent's permission in Minnesota?

The truth is, it depends.

There is one specific instance that does allow parents to provide alcohol to their children in Minnesota legally.

Can Minnesota Kids Legally Drink in Restaurants and Bars With Their Parents?

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You're sitting at your favorite restaurant enjoying an adult beverage, your 20-year-old kid is with you and would also like to have a drink. You approve, but is your underage kid legally allowed to drink with you at a restaurant in Minnesota?

No, minors in Minnesota cannot drink in bars and restaurants, not even if their parents are present and approve.

But what if you and your older, but still under 21, kid want to enjoy a cold brew on your own back patio or in your living room together?

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Can Minors in Minnesota Legally Drink Alcohol at Home With Parents?

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Yes! The only place people under 21 in Minnesota can legally drink alcohol is in the privacy of their own homes with the consent of their parents.

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Minnesota Statue 340A.503 states

It is unlawful for any... person under the age of 21 years to consume any alcoholic beverages. If proven by a preponderance of the evidence, it is an affirmative defense to a violation of this clause that the defendant consumed the alcoholic beverage in the household of the defendant's parent or guardian and with the consent of the parent or guardian.

What about our neighbors to the east?

Is it legal to let your kid drink alcohol in a restaurant or bar in Wisconsin?

wisconsin drink kids parents bar

Yep! Minors in Wisconsin are legally allowed to consume alcohol in a restaurant or bar as long as they are with a parent, legal guardian, or spouse who is of legal drinking age.

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There is one caveat, though, the owner of the establishment may choose not to allow underage drinking regardless if a parent is present.

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