Listen to the whole show to catch the Word of the Week. Use the word at Grand Rounds to get 10% off your check! The word is good through closing Friday the 1st. 

This week Tessa brings her amazing dog Cortado to be our guest, but according to Cortado's agent, he was in NO MOOD for our shenanigans, so you'll have to settle for the awesome story about how Cortado came to adopt Tessa and her husband.

Tessa''s Office, the wine shop inside Grand Rounds, is partnering with Le Petite Cafe for a Craft Spirits Tasting, "Try the best digestifs, aperitifs, liquors and unique mixers in an elegant and beautiful setting. Experts will be on hand to let you sample, sip and explore the nuanced sphere of spirits throughout the world. All products will be available by order at the end of the event and just in time for the holiday season."

Find out more and reserve tickets HERE.

Grand Rounds is doing something new called "Friendsgiving."

Why cook before Thanksgiving when you don't have to? Grand Rounds & Sontes Catering have you covered! Family style without the work! A menu to make everyone happy and for only $40 per person includes tax and tip. No cooking or cleaning required! 2 different seating times available. 5pm or 7:30pm

Click HERE to reserve your spaces.

Listen to the Grand Rounds Brewing Podcast From October 26, 2019:

Each Saturday, Tessa Leung, founder, and CEO of Grand Rounds Brewing Co. in Downtown Rochester chats with James Rabe about what’s happening downtown and all things Grand Rounds — everything from the beer they brew to the meals they serve. Listen to new podcasts on News-Talk 1340 AM & 96.9 FM Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.

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