St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The legal fight over funding the Minnesota legislature will continue.

Governor Mark Dayton has announced he will appeal a ruling issued today by a Ramsey County judge to the Minnesota Supreme Court. The judge ruled Dayton’s use of his line item veto power to erase funding for the state legislature from the current state budget is unconstitutional. The judge’s ruling restores the $130 million appropriation, although that could be reversed if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the governor.

After he issued the controversial vetoes, Dayton indicated his motive was to prod Republican legislative leaders to renegotiate portions of the tax bill and the some of the spending measures he signed into law following a special legislative session. The special session was convened by Dayton after he and the Republican leaders of the House and Senate hammered out a budget deal in the final hours of the regular legislative session in May.

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